Antique Christmas tree ornaments form home design

Best Antique Christmas Tree Ornaments

Have you ever wonder about having antique Christmas  tree ornaments in the attic? From wooden nutcrackers to glass Christmas  tree ornaments to 1930’, this can help you identify what vintage or antique Christmas  items might be in that. Your cheerful decorations might be valuable, and even if not, you can sure have a lot of fun decorating with them.

German Antique Christmas  tree ornaments

Decorating the tree, like many modern Christmas  traditions, was originally a German innovation. Nuts, fruits and candles were the most common decorations, and some families would later take the tree outside to share the ornaments with the animals.

American Antique Christmas  tree ornaments

Americans started decorating trees in the early 1800s, often covering them in festive of popcorn or cookies baked in festive shapes. Christmas  tree stands were occasionally made of iron, but more often a piece of wood was simply nailed to the tree bottom and covered with a piece of red velvet cloth.

During the late 1800s (Victorian era), Christmas  decorations became much more elaborate, featuring elegant Christmas  tree ornaments, baubles and garlands. In the space age 1950’s, Americans became enamored with newfangled aluminum Christmas  trees, which were produced in silver, pink and even purple, rotated on electric tree stands with an electric light ‘color wheel’. Today these aluminum trees, especially in the rarer colors, are highly collectible.


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