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Living room is cozy place for relaxation for whole family mostly decorated by modern chandeliers. This multipurpose space is used for watching TV, taking a nap, eating, reading or socializing with family and friends. For those reasons when you design your living room, you should think of it as the hub of your domestic life. When it comes to fixed lighting, you should not exaggerate by placing it, because one day you might decide to change the arrangement of the furniture, so it will no longer be fully functional. Here are some useful tips for decorating a living room with modern chandeliers.

The main light of modern chandeliers

Chandelier or hanging light should be set in such a way as not to create too much shadow. Use some modern chandelier to make pleasant atmosphere. With all the variety lamps today, you can change the entire look of your room. Set them on a corner of the room, on the sideboard or shelves. This will create the impression of spaciousness and totally relaxed ambience.

Photos and posters can be illuminated with a low-voltage lamps mounted on the frame of the picture or the wall and provide a strong white beam of light across the surface of the image of a modern chandelier.

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