Metal Pergola Kits Design For Your Outdoor Home Design

Tuesday, July 16th, 2019 - Accessories
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Metal Pergola Kits Design For Your Outdoor Home Design

What material can be used to create a metal pergola kit?

Pergola is usually made of wooden structures, metal or concrete. If made of wood is usually a pergola tropical models that look more natural than it is made of metal or concrete. Basically the material either wood, metal or concrete is formed in such a way to provide some kind of protection transparent roof, but not closed in the hope of sunlight can still be penetrated.

Pergola can be made also by a combination of various materials, for example for the columns using concrete, grating upper frame using wood, as well as ram wire is added to the propagation of plants. Material natural look of wood has its advantages, but shortcomings tends to have to choose the type of weather-resistant wood such as teak, merbau, ironwood and so on so it does not quickly obsolete given the pergola are outdoors and exposed to heat and rain.

Hollow metal materials such as iron, stainless steel has the strength could be streamlined so that the impression does not have to look too great, but the metal material must be chosen from the weather, at least given the finishing paints and coatings are waterproof.

What is a metal pergola kits design? What’s the difference with a canopy?

Pergola is a part of the house or stand alone, which usually serves as a shade with overgrown plant propagation. Pergola usually created as a complement and shield from the hot sun by using vines to reduce the heat. The difference with the canopy lies in the basic idea that a roof pergola of vines which is now a sort of protection from the sun either with vines or not.

How do I design when combined with the concept of home?

metal pergola kits design is very suitable for use in Indonesia due to the tropical climate of our country with a hot dry season. Pergola design is a combination of structures made of wood, metal or concrete with parts that can be covered with vines. Pergola is adapted for the home area associated with outer space as an extension of the front porch, side and rear. The design of the wood material is usually very popular because it can be adapted to the wooden door frame wooden house window.

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