Orange Bathroom decor

If Orange Walls And Tile Are A Bit Too Much, Perhaps A Sweet Orange  Orange Bathroom

Designing your bathroom in an orange color theme isn’t that hard as designing in a red theme but it could be challenging too to have an orange bathroom. You should remember about that you shouldn’t combine more than two colors with orange. You should keep orange bathroom simple. The best idea is to simply combine orange with plain white. You can paint walls and ceiling in your bathroom in white but buy some orange furniture, an orange rug, an orange shower curtain and some other elements of decor in this color. That’s probably the simplest way but there are some others.

Orange is a happy color that we tend to associate with warmth, sociability and creativity. It’s a great bathroom color choice if you live in a cold climate; as it will help warm you up on the chilliest days those who live in hot climates might want to use the color sparingly.

Keep the design very simple with unfussy decorative accessories, otherwise you’ll experience sensory overload.

Darker oranges will make a bathroom feel smaller. If your bathroom lacks natural light, you might want to pump it up with better lighting. If you opt for a softer orange, it can work as a neutral background hue that pairs well with many other colors and can handle more things going on in the room.

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