Small bathroom decorating to save your limited space

Small Bathroom Decorating On A Budget

When you are installing a bathroom, you’ll want to browse small bathroom decorating ideas. While the blueprint for your bathroom won’t change based on how it’s decorated, you can expand the space with a few strategic decorating ideas, creating a space that’s elegant, attractive and efficient.

Small bathrooms can be a design and decorating challenge, but with the right combination of fixtures, surfaces, colors, decor and lighting, it’s possible to create the illusion of a much larger space. In recent years, bathrooms have begun to expand significantly in size, master bathrooms in newer homes can be positively palatial affairs, for example. Older homes tend to feature much smaller bathrooms throughout, and even newer construction often features half baths that can benefit from the decorating tricks that help create the illusion of more space.

Giving color and light in balance small bathroom decorating

One of the first touches of small bathroom decor is to consider color and light. Generally speaking, a bathroom or any space for that matter will always seem larger if it’s lighter and brighter. For this reason, be sure to take full advantage of any natural light available in your small bathroom. Make sure any curtains or shades are translucent, and keep windowsills free of any items that would obstruct sunlight from entering the space. Similarly, when choosing paint colors or a color scheme for the entire space, focus on lighter, livelier hues.

Choosing surface pattern in balance small bathroom decorating

Another way to add height and depth is with your choices for surface patterns. For walls, consider bead board or wallpaper with vertical stripes to add a sense of height to the entire space. Hardwood floors or tile should run the length of the space to make it seem longer, and tile work on walls should be perpendicular to flooring, to create further depth in the space. Finally, for wall tile work, consider adding unbroken, continual horizontal line designs; these will serve to create the illusion of a space that keeps going everywhere you look.

Small bathroom is sometimes being a problem but sometimes be a reason for us to make it look larger by using anything to make it better.

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