special Black and white bathroom decor trend 2019

Black And White Bathroom Decor With Red Touch

The black and white bathroom decor is combines two simple yet alluring. Black-and-white color almost ‘covers’ the whole ‘face’ of the bathroom from the sink, bathtub, toilet, sink tables, walls, to the floor.

Selection of color in black and white bathroom is actually considering the aspect of cleanliness and maintenance is fairly simple and the beauty that will emerge. If bathroom wall using a white matte ceramic measuring 4cm x 4cm. However, the shower and toilet area, a natural stone is chosen for the walls. Natural stone is mounted forward and backward in order to form an impression of nature.

Utilities area such as a shower, toilet, sink, and bathtub was not given a firm bulkhead. This meant that the space of 6,8m2 it feels spacious. Meanwhile, for air circulation in the bathroom is chosen a transparent glass block with partially open holes.

Selection of color decoration on the right bathroom makes us feel comfortable in the bathroom. Here we give an example of interior design bathroom with black and white decor

Black and white visible in nearly all elements of the bathroom, ranging from wall tiles, floor tiles plastic curtains, flooring, sinks, bathtubs, toilets also wall cabinets and bookshelves. We show also the texture of each element of the colors to be more vivid. Perhaps among you are looking for examples of interior design bathroom with black and white, may be an inspiration for you.

While a monochromatic black and white bathroom is contemporary, it’s also invigorating. Floor to ceiling tiles provides a fresh twist and opens up the really tight quarters. Be smart with storage space by hanging a rack for holding towels within reach.

When we plan for the design and decoration of our home, the bathroom is not something that instantly comes to mind. Often, it is one of the last spaces we pay attention to, and many of us do not have the luxury of expansive bathrooms that bring home the ambiance of a luxury spa. The color scheme of the bathroom is something that we all get stuck with, and while the options and themes are endless, few, if any, come close to the classic black and white look. The black and white bathroom is a timeless choice that can be adapted to suit any design style, ranging from the rustic to the minimal.

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