special Blue Bathrooms Designs

Blue Bathrooms Designs Hot Homes Trends For 2016

The whole world is wrapped in soothing sky and vibrant teal oceans, why not to continue this theme in your own blue bathrooms designs. These wonderful colors are perfect for a calming and relaxing bathroom. We hope you’ll find some inspiration for yourself among these cool blue bathrooms.

If you’re in the mood for color, don’t be afraid to add it to the walls. Be daring and thoughtful with your approach. In this bathroom, one wall gets mosaic tiles; the other gets a coat of navy paint. If your palette flows together, the space will feel cohesive.

We can never deny the fact that sometimes we tend to ignore the appearance of our bathroom. Well, in fact our bathroom has the smallest area in our home. Although we are not saying that we are not giving much importance to its size and appearance. But the bathroom is one area of the home that we give much attention to especially when it comes to cleanliness. The bathroom is a perfect area where we can perform our hygienic activities as well as the place for relaxation after the whole tiring day at work.

Colors mirrored the character or attitude of a certain client or owner. It can also influence the emotional state of the owner. So, now we are going to give you another bathroom design inspirations using the color blue.

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