21 + cool Modern covered pergola design 2019

Creative Modern Covered Pergola

Modern covered pergola is not the main thing that must be prioritized in the construction of houses. But by building a pergola in the outdoors, you can use it for various functions because it is quite interesting and useful know. Pergola house can be used for a variety of functions, ranging from an additional dining area outside the room, living room externally as a fun place to socialize, rest areas are full of personal privacy, even as a reading room or workspace.

To decorate pergolas, it did not have to exclusively use the vines are quite complicated to maintain. You could also really use a variety of small plants that are kept in pots. Arrange just a row of small pots containing orchids or bonsai at the edges of the pole pergola or on the sidelines of the walls on a regular basis. You can also hang plants in pots hanging from the ceiling pretty pergola. For lights yourself you can use a minimalist or contemporary lamps, lanterns also lanterns in various forms. You can also order a small candle on the table as a complement serene lighting at night.

Modern covered pergolaas a Comfortable Reading Room

Reading room, library or even a working space, should not always be made in the room, you know! You also can make it in the middle of the park under a beautiful pergola. Create an elongated chairs complete with cushions, also tables, chairs for office equipment such as a laptop if you want. Do not forget the closet as a place to put your books. It will be guaranteed, learning and working so much fun.

Modern covered pergolaas External Living Room? Why not?

Pergola is used as a living room once used externally. It is very common in homes abroad. You can also apply it as an extra space in the middle of the courtyard area. There you can talk and chat so familiar while drinking tea with guests and relatives, of course, while enjoying the sunlight and cool air in the middle of the courtyard area. If you are in a country with a fairly intense winter, you can add a modern fireplace in the middle of your outdoor living room.

Beautiful Outdoor Dining Room at the Bottom Pergola

Wanted to create a romantic spot with friends under the pergola outdoors? Prepare a classic-style tables and chairs and dim lighting of small candles or soft glowing light. With soft light, you can create a romantic atmosphere and warm on external dining room.

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