Backyard deck ideas for rest time in home

Outdoors Backyard Deck Ideas

Backyard deck ideas, Mealtime is a time to enjoy being with beloved family members and refresh your mind after every member of the family is busy with their own business outside the home. One place to enjoy this togetherness is the dining room with garden dining concept. Example 1 minimalist house floor and two floors with garden following dining can be a reference for those who are planning to build a house.

Garden dining concept is basically similar to the open plan dining room. The difference, open dining room is usually placed in the rear garden, with a direct view to the rear garden. Obviously, a dining room with a background in the park would be fun, because your eyes will be refreshed with the natural scenery and lush green.

There are a few concepts that you can apply to create the garden dining at home 1 floor. Here are some examples of minimalist house 1 floor with garden dining:

The dining room on the back porch.

This is the simplest way to create the garden dining, because you only need to juggle the back porch as the dining room by putting one set of furniture dining table on the terrace.

Garden dining on the deck behind the house.

If you have enough land, you can build the main house and a separate kitchen. Well, the connecting area between the main house with a kitchen can you juggle a garden-themed dining room, with a tropical feel.

Garden dining parquet floor.

The area behind the house is given extra wooden parquet floor as the back porch. Aside from being place to enjoy a meal with family, parquet floor in the rear of the house can also be used as a lounge area.

Backyard deck ideas, in the example dining garden house two floors above, the owner does not use the parquet floor, but chose to expand the back porch. The back yard is designed with a minimalist garden is quite spacious, complete with a planter for plants. In this case, the garden dining area can be accessed directly from the garage. In fact, there are many example of minimalist house with garden dining that you can try, such as garden dining at the poolside.

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