Perfect Scandinavian Christmas design

Modern Scandinavian Christmas Design

All of us have some typical style for decorating our homes for Christmas. One of those is Scandinavian Christmas design. Why don`t you try something totally new this year? It is about decorating your home in Scandinavian Christmas style. Scandinavian style is characterized by Nordic threads and a wonderful simple style of decoration which acts beneficially helps in relieving stress. Here natural white color with simple and minimalist elements that contribute to a pleasant mood.

The main features of Scandinavian Christmas design are green branches and trees, pine cones, green wreaths made ​​of pine branches, and of course reindeer that are one of the main features of this style. If you want some rustic and vintage tones of your home these inspiring ideas are right for you. Celebrate a Scandinavian Christmas / the rich and resonant traditions of a Scandinavian Christmas come to life with Scandinavian’s holiday selections. Specialized bake ware and kitchen utensils encourage culinary traditions. Hand-made straw decorations, Swedish tom ten, Danish pixies, and finely crafted Christmas tree ornaments bring a distinctive flavor to holiday decor. Tableware and specialty linens celebrate the season at the holiday table.

The Scandinavian region of the world is famous for its Northern lights and snowy winter scenes, synonymous with Christmas. While Scandinavian design can come across as stark and modern, there’s also a cozy, bright side to Scandinavian decor — one that is particularly apparently during the holiday season.

Here are ideas that will help you transform your home into a Scandinavian Christmas design for the holidays.

  • Stick to a neutral color palette of whites and silvers with minimal color.
  • Use natural green and pine cones with sparse ornaments.
  • Wool blankets and animal skins add warmth to modern furnishings.
  • Candlelight is essential in the upper regions of the Northern hemisphere

This year I am decorating my home for Christmas with a Scandinavian-inspired theme. I am always drawn to Scandinavian design, and I love to see the way such homes are decorated for Christmas: usually simple and understated with lots of nature-inspired elements, candlelight and a common color theme of reds, whites and wood tones. Warm and cozy candlelight is the perfect mood lighting for dark and cold winter nights. These porcelain candle holders are perfect for displaying a large number of candles together will add touch of art in Scandinavian Christmas design.


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