Butcher Block Island Interior

Butcher Block Island Countertop Butcher Block Island

The most common wood in butcher Blocks Island is maple because of its hardness.  If we have plan to use maple, we must go to my local Woodworkers Source. It is a little softer than hard maple, but still a hard wood, we both agreed it would be a fine choice for the island top.  The best part is that it is half the price.  We must choose my boards and have another employee plane and rip the boards down into manageable sticks.

All of clamps line up and go to work.  We use special glue to glue the pieces together.  It is food safe, so it is a good choice for something like this.  We turn the boards to the side want to glue and started laying it on.  We don’t know if it was the high 80s temps, but the glue formed a skin pretty fast, so we would work in two rows at a time and then stick them together.  Squeezing a bead of glue and then using a foam roller to spread it out works really well.  Be sure that if you have short pieces to glue those ends together too.

Butcher block island is one important thing to have n our kitchen, by applying an appropriate one, we will have a simple, comfortable butcher block island.

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