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Tiny House On Wheels Inside Light

Nowadays, a house measuring 140 square meters (m2) recently introduced in Lake Forest, Illinois, United States. The creator called it as Toy box Home, a tiny house on wheels inside, firstly designed by Frank Henderson and Paul Schultz. They claimed to have environmentally friendly elements.

The designer makes Toybox with a visual concept that looks beautiful, both from inside and outside the home. This home draws bold and colorful exterior that shows the philosophy of the artwork of Roy Lichtenstein. Toybox is also able to provide warmth in the winter because it has been equipped with floor and walls that reduce cold weather.

At the top of the roof of the house, it is included thermoplastic. Meanwhile, the structure of the corner wrapped in colorful corrugated fiberglass panels. Shades of color are contrast and dynamic. Toybox gives an impression of nature and modern.

Toybox does not forget the windows and vents for air exchange inside and outside the home. Glass windows and vents made huge shift function. Iridescence corrugated panels on the walls and windows give the impression like houses cartoons on television.

The interior of the house includes a solid wood panel and consists of several rooms. Among them, a living room, kitchen, dining table, and bathroom. The living room became the most extensive area in the Toybox. Since this area can be enabled for a family room, receiving guests or beds.

There are also eight cubes that serve as a storage goods are easily moved or arranged. The cubes can also be functioned as a place to sit while relaxing or receive guests.

In the kitchen area, there is a multifunctional table that can be used as a dining table or workbench. Not only is that, at the corner of the kitchen there also the additional hidden storage space. Thus, all items can be saved with a neat occupant or hidden from view to give the impression of a minimalist.

In tiny house on wheels inside, The bathrooms are located on the side of the dining room is equipped with a water heater, sink, and shower. A multifunctional faucet located on the sink double play and can be used for showers.

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