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White Simple Home Interior Design Hall

Simple home interior design hall is a space that is quite large and spacious located in a building; it can be in an office, hotel, and a shopping center. Hall is often used as a community center or a place to hold parties and receptions, such as wedding receptions, gatherings, reunions, meetings, or a birthday party. Sometimes, this hall is not only used for internal purposes, but also rented for holding a party or reception. Because its function is quite flexible, which one is better, let the hall remains minimalist and spacy, or decorate it? Through this article, we will explore more about the hall or halls, and the decor is what is appropriate here.

Simple home interior design hall decorated vs spacy hall

Hall is an area that is designed to accommodate the needs of the public. The function given here are such as held events involving many people, meetings, parties, receptions, and reunions. Although at the time of the event, this room will be fitted with a variety of unique decorations and ornaments, but it’s good hall or auditorium itself previously been made with some decorative touches, both from the walls, the lighting, and the floor. Thus, the hall was not impressed plain granted.

Wall auditorium / hall

Prior to decorate other parts of the hall / auditorium, make sure you give a greater focus on the wall first. Choose the right color, the color flexible for any occasion, but still showing the impression of elegant luxury. Selection of the hall wall color can be adjusted to the color of the walls in another room. If you want to give a different color premises other corner of the room, make sure that the difference is not too noticeable. For example, if the wall in another room in the paint with a light brown color, you can paint the walls of this hall with a milky white color or ivory. You can choose another color combination, provided the two colors complement each other and invisible contrast.

Selection of carpet for the Simple home interior design hall

You can put the carpet as flooring, or let the hall floor is airy barefoot. If you want to put the carpet, you can use patterned carpets ethnic or mosaic, which needs to be adapted to the motif or another ornamental patterns that exist in this hall. Or, you can choose a plain carpet and highlight the color selection. For example, you could use a carpet in red, maroon, or gold. Three colors can give the impression of luxury in the room.

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