Small kitchen design ideas with island for small home

Blue Small Kitchen Design Ideas With Island

When designing the kitchen layout for a small space, it is important to thoroughly consider the size of the space you will be working with in order to find a small kitchen island that will be efficient. Decide on where you will be placing the kitchen island and how tall you would like for it to be.

Home goods stores are ideal for choosing ready-made kitchen islands, like a butcher’s cart, that will easily fit into a small kitchen space. But repurposed items, like a small desk, bookshelf, dining table or crates can also make an interesting, unique kitchen island. Simply choose the item with which you will be working and top it off with your desired surface, like a stainless steel countertop. Bookshelves or openings in crates can be used for storing kitchen items, like appliances and cookbooks.

Depending on available space, you may have room for a kitchen island with seating by squeezing in a stool or two on one side. If you only have room for one, then consider purchasing a seat that can be easily moved when you need to use the island for other purposes.

This extensive collection includes styles ranging from modern to contemporary to rustic, each one with its own unique charm. Between white kitchens, dark wood kitchens and kitchens with synthetic material, this collection is one of our most varied in terms of design and style. The above eat-in kitchen has a small glass-tile backsplash and granite countertops that are polished to a high sheen. Other kitchens to look for are those with stonework around the cabinets, giving the room an old-world feel and rustic charm; kitchens with utterly minimalistic style with no fixtures on any of the cabinetry; and kitchens with multi-tonal wood or stone island countertops.

While a larger kitchen is a very common reason that people want to move out of their current home, these smaller kitchen designs prove that with the right layout, any size kitchen can be a dream kitchen.

This upscale small kitchens gallery doesn’t feature tiny kitchen designs and that’s by design.

Instead we wish to illustrate how you can create incredible kitchen designs in small to moderate kitchen spaces – each kitchen including an island.  In other words, you don’t need a huge footprint in order to design a beautiful and functional kitchen with an island.

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