awesome coloring in red living room ideas

Red Living Room Ideas And Ornament

Use bright colors and strong patterns to punctuate an otherwise neutral space. The red accessories in this living room add an energetic punch without overwhelming the area

Who doesn’t need a splash of red?  If you’re looking to give your living room a new lease of life, then you may want to consider decorating your living room with a few bold red statement pieces. Here are just a few creative ways to incorporate red, into your living rooms color scheme.

 Red walls in red living room ideas

As red is such a bold color, you may want to consider limiting the use of it to one feature wall, which will be the central focus point of your living room. Leaving the remaining walls a solid neutral color, such as white, will give the illusion that your living room is larger than it is. If you’d prefer to keep your walls the color they are now, consider opting for full length red drapes as an alternative.

Red seating in red living room ideas

If one or more of your walls is red, then avoid purchasing a red couch, as you don’t want to feel overwhelmed by the use of red in your living room. Another option is to place a single red chaise, ottoman or bean bag into your living room.

Red decorations in red living room ideas

If you don’t want to commit to painting a wall red, or purchasing red furniture you can still add a splash of red to your living room without making a long term commitment or investing a lot of money. Here are three simple ways to add color to your living room.

Red lamp or light shades red living room ideas

Replacing your lamp shade with a red lamp shade is a fool proof, cost effective way to add color to your living room. If you pride yourself on being artistic, you may even be interested in replacing your lamp shade with a home made lamp shade using red material and embellishments of your choosing.

Red living room ideas is a great way to draw attention to your favorite photographs and paintings is to hang them up inside red picture frames.

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