Bohemian living room suitable for home and apartment

Bohemian Living Room Best Design 2016

When designing a living room, bohemian living room is one of good choice. If you love pillows and Moroccan lanterns and Middle East rugs, we have got a show for you. There are ten living spaces decorated with boho goodness, come on in and you will get inspired. Creating a boho living room means creating an absolutely different and your own atmosphere. Actually, the best feature of this style is that you can use any art pieces, your own works and mix colors as you wish. Bohemian style often resembles some cool Eastern interiors for example, Moroccan, so you can enjoy bright colors and patterns if you like them. If you are looking for something calmer, make a white bohemian interior, it’s easy and looks very luxury. Wood, fur, different fabrics, leather and plants, you would enjoy the variety of materials you may use.
The whole concept of being bohemian is doing things a little unconventionally. Red and green doesn’t automatically have to reflect Christmas, especially when you choose a gorgeous police print and a rich, apple green wall color.

Applying a specific style in your living room should depend on your inner tools, your interests in life, colors and patterns that inspire you and in general your living room should basically reflect your energy. In case you are influenced by the freedom of matching the unmatchable and pushing the limits of the ordinary, then you sure are going to like what we have prepared for you. Bohemian style has been discussed in some of regions, because experts personally adore this free spirit style of decorating. Bohemian living room features show distinctive color scheme, with various styled furniture, soft texture, ethnic patterns and a blend of unexpected decorative motifs with an interesting and profound character. Bohemian living room captures a variety of styles, colors and patterns and reflects really interesting and dynamic energy, aesthetically looks bold and inspiring.

This Bohemian living room with simply open floor plan and clean white walls with a specific gallery has a bold and fashionable appearance. The light brown sofa with geometrical patterns sets a specific warm and deep setting, breaking through the cold appearance of the white wall, the wicker rattan coffee table adds a breezy feel and adapts to the overall loose and easy going character of this Modern Bohemian Living Room.

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